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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Use It Up, Or Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without

I love the old rhymes and sayings. The title of this blog is a particular favorite of mine. Here in the valley of Kern County we are a hardy bunch of pioneers. Some came because of the dust bowl era, some came during the depression, some pioneered the west, some came with the discovery of oil. My mother came during World War II from San Diego with her widowed mother, and my father was born here to a Southern Pacific Railroad Engineer and his wife. The saying has been a mainstay in my life, and during these uncertain times it will stand me in good stead. Most of us who craft still know the old ways. We know how to clean, to cook filling food from scratch (plain food I call it) and some of us still remove the buttons from the worn out clothing. We can plant and tend a garden, and drive an old stick shift if we have to (are there any left?). We know how to entertain ourselves without stepping a foot off our own property. We rely on God and His goodness. We still pray with thanksgiving, and seek God to heal our land. I must admit I am not a progressive thinker, but somewhat simple and single minded, lol.

I think that is one of the reasons I so love Andie at Brown Bee Design's pinkeeps. They remind me of another time. A time when precious resting minutes were spent stitching treasures filled with love and artistry. This is the same love that Andie puts into her work. I ordered another pinkeep that says "Do Much" to go along with "Promise Little"(see post below). More old sayings that hold a ton of information with very few words. Words that make you go "Hmmmmm". Words that make you think.

And speaking of words, I have posted another story in Gabby's Bunny Tails on my web site, Cottage Violets. Here is an excerpt from the heartwarming Thanksgiving story,

"As usual I ran to the window to check on the snowfall. I love snow in all its white fluffiness. As I lifted my curtain and looked down I saw an imprint in the snow. It was the shape of an angel. Careful to be quiet lest I disturb mother, I ran to find H. Harriet to explain to me that form in the snow. She came to my room and pulled back the curtain, “Miss Gardenia, it looks as though the angels have been resting in the garden. How the Lord must love you to send you an angel to rest outside your window.”

Please read the whole story at Cottage Violet's under Gabby's Bunny Tails if you are so inclined. The girls love to entertain you, and the website is always ready and waiting for your arrival.

Here are few pictures of the new necklaces (charms) on the site, and some Pinwheels crafted with handmade buttons from Cindy Houot at Angelheart Designs.

Have a beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving,
Theresa @ Cottage Violets