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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Tomato By Any Other Name Would Look As Sweet

Summer is well-spent, and autumn is well on its way. Cottage Violet's has some special news for you! We have a whole new batch of ripe tomatoes for sale! It matters not that they are pink, plush, shabby, chic and cottage suitable. Tomatoes they are, and tomatoes they will remain, lol. These tomatoes were lovingly tended and brought to fruition by Andie Bee of Brown Bee Designs. They are made of lovely, tea dyed fabric, hand-sewn, and buttons and french wired leaves attached for a lovely beefsteak tomato look. They are large and luscious. They will fit into any Pink Posh Shabby Chic Cottage decor. In fact, my favorite idea for these tomatoes is a large crystal bowl on the sideboard, filled with tomatoes, and a display of collectible salt shakers with ribbon and button collars. So don't let the weather get you down, treat yourself to a Pretty Pink Pincushion to remind you of warmer days. I know they will warm your heart, as they did mine. So stop by Cottage Violets , and check them out. Plus, there are more to come in the days following.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, And Pink girls know Beauty!

I look at this beautiful handwork and it reminds me of a Bible verse that I have adopted as my own. Here's to all the Maker Gal's I have the pleasure of knowing or will meet in the future:

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

I Thessalonians 4: 11, 12

Blessings, Theresa

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leaves Do Not Fall With Regard To Time

I am taking my cue from Autumn this year. Autumn let's the winds swirl at their leisure. She doesn't hasten the changing of the colors of the leaves. Autumn never pulls the leaves from the trees in uniform formation. The leaves swirl with the wind, and detach themselves from the trees in a rhythm known only to themselves. The winds may blow up a storm, but Autumn sits patiently. She has her allotted time to perform the task at hand. So she sits, and watches the changing of the colors, the beauty of the moment, and doesn't interfere much. Autumn is free to enjoy the labor of the harvesters. Autumn provides beautiful settings and lovely full moons. She silently judges the costumes, as trick or treaters make their way from house to house walking briskly in the chill of early evening. She casts a long shadow for a short time. Autumn is thankful and has a holiday to prove that she is. Even when thunder rolls and lightning strikes the darkened skies, Autumn smiles and settles in for the show. She knows this storm too will pass, and the air will be clean, and the earth will send a fragrance only Autumn can provide. I hope you will take a moment to enjoy the earth the way our Autumn does.

Here are some cup and saucer sets from (my favorite English china company) Hammersley. So dainty in person, light and lovely. Such a beautiful ring when tapped lightly! They are in Miss Violet's Tea Cupboard on Cottage Violet's if you're interested.

I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places,

Theresa @ Cottage Violets

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.... Psalm 24:1

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why English Fine Bone China???

I love English china. So, I went back through the archives to find this post and put it out there again. First posted in February of 2008, it still is timely today. I love English china!!!!! Enjoy!!!
Why English Fine Bone China, you might ask. There is nothing as lovely as English china. With outsourcing the way it is, English china has become the new collectible of the 21st century. The patterns are works of art. The beautiful ring when tapped lightly with the finger. The exquisite colors. The light and ethereal quality of the china. Lately our cozy cottages are all about staging. Some are minimalists, some are plain old pack rats, lol. A beautiful tray on the coffee table with that beautiful piece of Hammersley fine bone china, a doily, a tussie mussie, or small basket of flowers. It is all about elegance. It is all about a gentler life. The patterns lend themselves to still life. Once you become accustomed to the touch and feel of fine bone china you won't be satisfied with any old substitute. Yes, you may use your fine bone china, but due to the collectibility of the china I would suggest enjoying it as art, as arrangement, as still life. And don't forget to have fun with your English China. Set the stage in your home for the genteel life, the cozy life, the life that English china speaks to. From candle snuffers to tennis sets, to strawberry baskets, to syrup pitchers, to sugar sifters, let English china sweep into your life with all the grace and beauty of another era. You will be glad you did.
To err is human, to have fine English china: divine, lol. Sorry it was so long between blog posts, life kind of got in my way for a moment.
Kind Regards, Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Be It Ever So Humble

Do you remember this song?

"To thee I'll return, overburdened with care;
The heart's dearest solace will smile on me there;
No more from that cottage again will I roam;
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.
Home, home, sweet, sweet, home!
There's no place like home, oh, there's no place like home"
John Howard Payne (1791-1852)

We of the Cottage I-business variety try to make our sites a place of refuge, of solace. I know that I would like to think of my little Cottage Violets as more than a hard cold cash kind of affair. We have a need to nurture, to spend ourselves so to speak. I like to add little extras to packages in the hopes of making someone's day. I often pray and ask God, "What can I do to brighten this person's day. This person who took the time to visit my site, and purchase from me." We try to give our customers some eye candy, a veritable feast for the eyes. If they can glean some ideas for decorating, laugh at my silly item comments, or just leave satisfied, I have done my job. Maybe that doesn't make me much of a business woman, (I have never been accused of being much of a business woman, lol) but I can't seem to help the way I am wired. I see potential in almost every site I visit. I get excited for my blog sister's and fellow shopkeepers talents. It is like being in a giant museum of the arts. We fit together. I am cozy, you are elegant. I love English china, you have a French sensibility.

I am an e-commerce youngster, and I still skip from shop to shop, pressing my nose against the windows. I am always amazed as I surf from blog to blog at the spirit of my sister bloggers. Some make treasures from trash, some elevate treasure to a place among the crown jewels. You never know what is on the next page. Blogging is like a big mystery novel with twists and turns on every page. The mystery starts to build as you fit the pieces together, and then voila, you have an intricate collage where everyone has motive and opportunity, everyone is a piece of the puzzle. Perhaps, blogs are more like the movie serials at the Saturday matinees. You always leave wanting more and knowing next week there will be a new episode.

I salute you Sister I-Store owners and Sister Bloggers. Be it ever so humble there's no place like home. You are my home, and Cottage Violets, your home.

Oh, and lest I forget:

"Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it." Psalm 127:1

Warmest Regards, Theresa @ Cottage Violets (of course)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Living in the Land of Gracious Dreams

I was thinking about "Gracious Living" today. I looked up the word gracious, and was happily surprised by the definition. The first definition of gracious was "godly". Now I will admit it said obsolete in italics, but if we endeavor to give it back that meaning, I am sure we can. In fact, I would venture to say we must. I mean it was the number one definition after all! Godly was followed by pleasing, acceptable, marked by kindness and courtesy, graceful, urbane, merciful and compassionate. The word gracious keeps fine company. Then I asked my online Webster for the definition of "dreams". I really liked definition number four: a strongly desired goal or purpose. So I put them together, and thanked God my ancestors endured such hardship so I could, "Live in the Land of Gracious Dreams." I have heard many of your stories, and I know that you, too, are happy for the "Land of Gracious Dreams". Following you will find some china that survived harrowing journey's to come to rest in the "Land of Gracious Dreams". Please enjoy!!! I would love to hear why you love "The Land of Gracious Dreams". Memorial day is coming upon us quickly. A time to remember those who went before. A time to be thankful....

Greater love hath no man than this...........................

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!!!!!

Blessings, Theresa

Friday, April 24, 2009

Do Not Rob the Little Violet

The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily
do not rob the little violet of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm,
If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose,
Spring would lose its loveliness.
Therese of Lisieux

I have a certain fondness for violets. Violet's mean faithful in the language of flowers. A cottage epitomizes a certain cozy, warm, way of living or life. At Cottage Violet's we try to live up to our name and evoke feelings of warmth and comfort when you walk through our webby doors. We faithfully bring you lovely china, tchotchkes, and crafts that would fit into any cozy cottage. Here is a little assortment of violet quotes and violet pieces to show you what we mean. I have chosen to showcase Hammersley Victorian Violets china today.
***Please, have a hankie at the ready. We wouldn't want someone to catch you with drool on your screen.

Stars will blossom in the darkness, Violets bloom beneath the snow.
Julia C. Dorr (from "For A Silver Wedding)

Winds wanders, and dews drip earthward; Rains fall, suns rise and set;
Earth whirls, and all but to prosper A poor little violet.
James Russell Lowell (from "The Changeling")

The violets prattle and titter, And gaze on the stars high above.
Heinrich Heine (from "Book of Songs")

Cold blows the wind against the hill, And cold upon the plain;
I sit me by the bank, until The violets come again.
Richard Garnett (from "Violets")
And last, but not least, we can thank our dearly beloved Mark Twain for this closing quote:
"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."
If someone has wronged you, please, forgive them today and let the fragrance of your love and forgiveness be shed abroad. It will come back to you in ways you never even imagined. Our Holy Saviour said, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." If He can forgive the cruelty he suffered, I can forgive the petty little complaints I have nurtured and grown.
Have a beautiful blessed day,
Theresa @ Cottage Violet's

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Worry Be Hoppy

Come on everyone sing with me:
Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy......
I think we all know the Bobby McFerrin song: Don't Worry Be Happy. Now, I am one happy girl. Andie of Brown Bee Designs, a little stitcher girl extraordinaire, was stitchin' and I hopped right on over and won the object of my affection: A Spring Pinkeep....woohoo, and here it is, nestled in among my other luscious pin keeps.

And here it is again.

Thank you, Andie. Here is Andie's blog where you can check out more of her wonderful wares.

I usually don't choose bright colors for projects. I don't know if I was born bland or just kind of kept leaning that way until I fell for pastel. However, these times call for a little pop of color (trite decorator phrase, lol). That being said, here are some tags I created that exhibit more of a Boho feel. So, look at these tags and "Don't Worry, Be Hoppy!!!"
Celebrate Moments and Share Memories

Enjoy Fun And Family

Stay Enthusiastic and Just Dance

A scripture is running through my head today. "For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day." So, if I believe and am persuaded, what does that leave for me to do today. Don't Worry, Be Happy!!! I hope you will do the same.

Kind Regards, Theresa

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Proud as Punch and Tickled Pink

I finally pried open the pocketbook and updated my blog look. I am pleased as punch, and tickled pink. If I were young this picture would be of me, as I gazed upon my new banner. Not only am I celebrating a new look (for the blog, lol), I am celebrating my 36th wedding anniversary. Of course, I was a child bride (not). Let's see, I bought two new blog looks, another shop on Shabbylane Shops (Miss Violet's on the Garden Court), a spot on Friday Flea Markets (also Miss Violet's), and had steak for dinner. Now, that is living large. You know the old bible verse, Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow...... I decided if God can't take care of me, (and I am sure He can), I might as well go down having the time of my life with the best people on earth (that is you). I don't mean to be flippant, but I suspect if we were not told by the news media every five minutes that we were going to self destruct shortly, we would carry on as usual, our feet firmly planted on fallow ground. I was over at Magnolia Pearl's blog and read if I may quote from Robin, Miss Magnolia Pearl herself:

"When I sit on my porch sipping hot tea, I listen to the birds singing as they know nothing of the economy and the sorrows of the world; or do they? I think they know that God is optimistic if he made the sun shine yet another day. I'll take my cue from the birds and sing as long as the sun continues to rise and shine."

Right then and there I decided to be optimistic and happy for each day God gives me and America. I hope you are happy and blessed, too. Heck, you can only fail if you never try again. So, stop and smell the roses and then get back to work, cuz our Lord has big purpose for that life of yours.

Oh. and a big shout out to Debbi of Marionberry Cottage for the great blog designs on both Cottage Violets and Miss Violets. Here is her banner. Click on over and see her lovely shop

Smoochies and blessins,

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heartwarming and Homecoming

First, get out your handkerchief. I have a short little story for you that will warm the very cockles of your heart. I sold a teapot (yes, this Colclough Ivy Leaf Teapot).

But that's not the heartwarming part, even though my pocketbook, being sadly neglected, was warmed. Then, I received an email from the man (yes, I said man) who bought it. "How soon can you get it to me?", says he. "Priority mail is taking about two days, is that soon enough?", says I. Here's the heartwarming part (handkerchiefs at the ready). He writes back to tell me that the shipping time would be fine. His mother's birthday is at the end of February, and she is from England. The teapot to her set got broken, and he is buying her the teapot for her birthday. Whew, talk about a Hallmark moment. All hail, all hail to men who love and respect their mother's. He went out of his way to make a memory for his dear mother. What a guy!!! Oh, footnote, he wrote to say the teapot was perfect, and he was happy.........

Now on to Homecoming. I have joined a new little web mall called "French Cupboard". Yes, I know I am an ardent anglophile, but my English china feels so at home in the "French Cupboard". I think my wares (always wanted to call the merchandise: wares) fit right in and bring my cozy cottage feel and a certain "joie de vivre" to the lovely elegance of French style. So all you "bon vivants" come on over and enjoy the "French Cupboard". Click on the picture and it will take you there, easy does it.

Hey, while you are over there check out a magazine called "Porch". It is a lovely compendium of pictures that draw you in and take you on a journey; blogger style. It is really worth the read, or should I say look. Click on the picture and you will be magically transported over there.

And here's a little quote to give possibilities to your day:

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot

By the way, did you know George Eliot was really a woman, who wrote under a nom de plume so her work would be taken seriously. No, seriously!!!

Here's praying for huge blessings to overtake you today,


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

T'Was None So Fair As Morgan's Rose

Hi , it’s my birthday tomorrow and I want to talk about it. Yes, stutter and drool and talk about it. I am speakin of my love of Hammersly English China, especially a pattern known as Morgan’s Rose. Having reached this august age, I cannot be still. I must indulge my fascination for this passion of mine. This china involves sight and sound and touch. The beauty of the roses, the pleasant ping when tapped, and the coolish delicate feel of fine china in one’s hand. I could sit and look at it for hours. There are so many shapes and sizes. I wonder who was chosen to create the look and feel of this pattern. I wonder if God knew how I’d appreciate it, so He let them fashion the cups in the quatrefoil style. Can you tell I’m hooked. Well and truly, HOOKED! I have even written a poem dedicated to this pattern. So here’s the poem and here’s the china. I think you will agree this is a fabulous pattern.

Captain Morgan was a cruel and ruthless man
Who made his living from the sea
He was hard and cold, an unfeeling bloke
But Rose could set him free

He never figured on the Lady Rose
Who touched his blackened heart,
And made him think of better days
Before he’d made this start

Now he’d signed a pirates pact,
And his honor bade him go,
A soldier of fortune was his lot
True love he could not know.

The Lady Rose thought him kind
And loved him with her heart,
And head, and life, and soul it’s said
But denounced his pirate’s art.

So, he sailed the seas, but ne'er forgot,
Her standing there in sweet repose,
He bade her wait 'til he returned,

Twas none so fair as Morgan's Rose

Thank you for indulging my fancy on my special day!!!

God Bless Us Everyone, Theresa

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roses are Red, Violets are Purple, Pancakes are Better, If You use Maple Syrple

I guess you could say I'm not a cherub and frou frou sort of girl (although there is that one place in my heart, lol). I am more of a "Blondie and Dagwood", or "Lucy and Desi" kind of girl. I go for the one-liners, the pratfalls, the hold-your-sides-from-laughing-so-hard kind of Valentines. Now, I will confess that anything innocent and cutesy also takes my fancy. Then again, Lucy was always involved in innocent destruction and Blondie takes cutesy to a level heretofore unknown to man. Sex may sell (as the advertisers say), but I prefer a time when your mortality wasn't based on your morality (if you get my drift). I've really wandered far afield, when all I really wanted to say was:

Every purchase from Cottage Violets between now and January 31st will include a free Valentine (and they are CUTE).
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?(Ha ha!)
My dad said "Be an actor, my son
But be a comical one
They'll be standing in lines
For those old honky tonk monkeyshines"
Now you could study Shakespeare and be quite elite
And you can charm the critics and have nothin' to eat
Just slip on a banana peel The world's at your feet
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em...Make 'em laugh
Don't you know everyone wants to laugh
My grandpa said go out and tell 'em a joke
But give it plenty of hoke
Make 'em roar Make 'em scream
Take a fall Butt a wall Split a seam
You start off by pretending
You're a dancer with grace
You wiggle 'till they're Giggling all over the place
And then you get a great big custard pie in the face
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Don't you know... all the...wants..?
My dad...They'll be standing in lines
For those old honky tonk monkeyshines
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?
Make 'em laugh Make 'em laugh Make 'em laugh!
(from Singin' in the Rain, lyrics by Arthur Freed)