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Monday, August 3, 2009

Why English Fine Bone China???

I love English china. So, I went back through the archives to find this post and put it out there again. First posted in February of 2008, it still is timely today. I love English china!!!!! Enjoy!!!
Why English Fine Bone China, you might ask. There is nothing as lovely as English china. With outsourcing the way it is, English china has become the new collectible of the 21st century. The patterns are works of art. The beautiful ring when tapped lightly with the finger. The exquisite colors. The light and ethereal quality of the china. Lately our cozy cottages are all about staging. Some are minimalists, some are plain old pack rats, lol. A beautiful tray on the coffee table with that beautiful piece of Hammersley fine bone china, a doily, a tussie mussie, or small basket of flowers. It is all about elegance. It is all about a gentler life. The patterns lend themselves to still life. Once you become accustomed to the touch and feel of fine bone china you won't be satisfied with any old substitute. Yes, you may use your fine bone china, but due to the collectibility of the china I would suggest enjoying it as art, as arrangement, as still life. And don't forget to have fun with your English China. Set the stage in your home for the genteel life, the cozy life, the life that English china speaks to. From candle snuffers to tennis sets, to strawberry baskets, to syrup pitchers, to sugar sifters, let English china sweep into your life with all the grace and beauty of another era. You will be glad you did.
To err is human, to have fine English china: divine, lol. Sorry it was so long between blog posts, life kind of got in my way for a moment.
Kind Regards, Theresa @ Cottage Violets