Cottage Violets

Saturday, February 23, 2008

All Hail to The Queen

As many of you know, Joyce Lucas, affectionately known as Mama Bear, has been named one of Country Living Magazine's Women Entrepreneurs of 2008. Only a handful of women were chosen. That being said, there is so much more to Joyce than a mere spread in a magazine. She is the Queen of Make Mine Pink. Now I could be biased, as I am a new and fledgling member of Make Mine Pink. However, let's examine the facts. She takes every opportunity to connect with her royal subjects. She offers her time, her talent, and her expertise to keep the Kingdom happy and healthy. I joined February 1st, 2008 and immediately she offered a mentor to help this newbie out. Janet of Janet's Creative Pillows, the nicest lady-in-waiting you'll ever want to meet, greeted me warmly and showed me the ropes. I still ask her questions, and she always comes through. The Royal forums are a wealth of information. Joyce gives one the opportunity to learn, and mature in the fine art of E-Enterprise. So lets all shout it out, "All Hail to the Queen". I don't think she heard it, let's try it once more, "ALL HAIL TO THE QUEEN." If you haven't had a chance to look around at Make Mine Pink, head on over there. You will be glad you did. Here are some royal photos, taken without the authorization of the Queen. So don't tell on me, okay? Now, if you really want to read a better account of the Queen, I'm attaching Sharon of C'est Chouette's blog site: . Definitely go and read it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome in,
Just thought I'd start my new blog with pictures of my craft room. This is the place I long to spend my days, away from the Workaday World we live in.

Picture is kind of dark, but it gets better, lol. As you can see I have the same old rotary mat I used during the crafting craze of the 80's. The table is a barter I made for a quilt when I had my antiques shop.

Love Mary Englebreit. I hope it is okay to show these, oops.

This one I used for Wedding Shower party favors. I made a removable tag with my Xyron that said FAVORS to put over the word "LIVES". Wouldn't want to be so terribly rude.

These are the cubbies my husband built from one of those kits at Lowes. I covered the front of clearance sale Christmas boxes from Longs Drugs with Hydrangea borders I bought from the Dollar Tree. My shabby chic cubbies.

My dolls keep me company. Don't yours?

Two little quilts from my quilting days. The one on the right was given to me by a fellow quilter at work, she was an expert. Mine's on the left, I am a novice.

When my dolls get tired, I have old movies going to inspire me. "Here's looking at you, kid." I painted the little girl on the cabinet way back in the 80's. And decoupaged the boxes in the 90's. I am a child of the 50's and 60's, go figure. I lost the 70's: but then who didn't completely skip the disco age, lol.

Oh, before I sign off. What you don't see is the built-in closet my husband put together from California closets at Target. Sliding drawers for all my fabric (almost). Room for my Xyrons and Sizzix machines. A bin for my fiberfill and shelves and shelves of crafting supplies. Because the Crafter with the most wins when she/he dies. I am definitely in the running.

Stephanie at Shabby in Pink. These are the roses she let me write about for her blog contest for Valentines Day. Visit her blog at