Cottage Violets

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Best Gifts Are Tied With Apron Strings

I recently came across a beautiful apron that I am having trouble putting on Cottage Violets. Once you see it I think you will know why. There was a tremendous amount of work put into this apron. I sat and looked at it a long time. Did she pray for her children or husband while she sewed. Did she pray for the crops to get in before the fast approaching thunderstorm. Did she think of all the friends she would serve in her best-after-church-apron. Was she contented and happy as she crocheted row upon row of beautiful lace trim. Were there babies at her feet and hanging onto her everyday apron as she set in the waist at her treadle machine. Was it a wedding gift for a special friend. Did she take in fine sewing to fill the family pocketbook. All the questions and the only answer I could give to myself was: she was an artisan, a sewer of fine seams, a crochet devotee, but most of all she had love. She cared to crochet the lace to set into the strings. She cared to make the careful tucks that set the design apart. Please take a look at this treasure and tell me what you think. But please don't break the reverie, the romance.

I think the best gifts are tied with apron strings.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Going's On At Cottage Violets

Have you ever met someone you are sympatico with instantly. Well, my cousin Patty, aka Miss Sweetpea Pitty-pat, is one of those someones. As children, she and my older brother hung out together, and her little sister and I hung out together. But when she asked me to join her Red Hat group " Cherry Cordials" , we totally clicked. Who knew after 40 some years of casual contact she would mean so much to me. Now, she is going to join Cottage Violet's with her handcraft business " Miss Pittypat's Mercantile", and I am sooooooo excited. Plus, extra bonus she is a chefess (new word) extraordinaire. Maybe I can coax some recipes out of her to share with you. I have enclosed a little photo of two of her lovely creations to show you why, "I am so terribly excited to have her at Cottage Violet's". Hurry on over to Cottage Violet's and check out Miss Sweetpeas other offerings. See you soon, Theresa

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My First Award, More Precious Than The Oscar.

I received an award. Awesome....Little old me from humble beginnings, rewards and prizes. Woohoo. Thank you Stephanie at for the award. Now I must return the favor, so 10 (count'em 10 of you have been targeted) other people will receive the same award and HERE WE GO (in no particular order except Stephanie):
1. Stephanie at you are one of the nicest people at Make Mine Pink and really made my day. I would like to make your day!!!

2. Janet at , you were the best mentor and always available even though I know now what a busy person you are. You help make MMP what it is today.

3. Lynn at Vintage Nest, , you truly know the meaning of nesting, and how to be an encouragement.

4. Ann at Green Oak Antiques, , you never mince words and always tell it like it is, with an amusing touch of your lovely sense of humor. Your blog is like reading a letter from a close friend.

5. Karen/Eileen from , you overcame blogophobia and are well on your way to becoming Blog Queen, and you have the nicest retro logo I have ever seen.

6. Dianne of , you related on Make Mine Pink the other day what a lot of ladies were feeling, and helped them pour out some feelings that needed tending to. You are also my favorite technogeek, lol, and Pursemaker extraordinaire.

7. Andrea at , you are uproariously funny, but I suspect there are deep waters running under the surface. Can't wait to see your boutique when your plans come into fruition.

8. Karen at , I always love reading your forum posts, and I love visiting your website and looking at the tea cozies. Good luck at CL.

9. Lori at, you are the perkiest and sweetest lady at Make Mine Pink. You always encourage, but never push yourself forward. Plus, I seem to get more traffic from your website, so a double thanks to you.

10. Janet from, you are so beloved for giving all the ladies a chance to be on blogtalkradio . I also think it is wonderful that you are caring for your Grandmother. God Will Bless You Mightily, and already has.

There you go. So although most of you don't know me much, now you know how you impact the lives of others. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY, WEEK, MONTH, AND YEAR.....God Bless You All.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Someone's Gonna Get Crowned

Neener, neener, got your attention. On to the news!

Joyce Lucas, of Make Mine Pink the premier e-mall of the internet, was recently made a Country Living Entrepreneur of 2008. She has always been the Queen of Make Mine Pink, picture to follow, lol. Well, it seems being Queen is not enough for Joyce. She has decided to take her entourage to Chicago for the Country Living Event. While there, she is going to give away a gold ring to one of her ladies-in-waiting (picture to follow, lol). All said consort has to do is design a most outrageous tiara, and model it for the queen and her paparazzi.

What about us, what about us, what about us you may ask? Well, ask no longer, your chance has come. All you have to do is be a member of Make Mine Pink, design the most outrageous tiara, take a picture of it on your head, follow the rules (see the forum thread), send in the picture, and receive enough votes to win. The winner will receive, suspense building, drum roll please!!!!!


P.S. The white gold and silver tiara rings look the same, woohoo.