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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

T'Was None So Fair As Morgan's Rose

Hi , it’s my birthday tomorrow and I want to talk about it. Yes, stutter and drool and talk about it. I am speakin of my love of Hammersly English China, especially a pattern known as Morgan’s Rose. Having reached this august age, I cannot be still. I must indulge my fascination for this passion of mine. This china involves sight and sound and touch. The beauty of the roses, the pleasant ping when tapped, and the coolish delicate feel of fine china in one’s hand. I could sit and look at it for hours. There are so many shapes and sizes. I wonder who was chosen to create the look and feel of this pattern. I wonder if God knew how I’d appreciate it, so He let them fashion the cups in the quatrefoil style. Can you tell I’m hooked. Well and truly, HOOKED! I have even written a poem dedicated to this pattern. So here’s the poem and here’s the china. I think you will agree this is a fabulous pattern.

Captain Morgan was a cruel and ruthless man
Who made his living from the sea
He was hard and cold, an unfeeling bloke
But Rose could set him free

He never figured on the Lady Rose
Who touched his blackened heart,
And made him think of better days
Before he’d made this start

Now he’d signed a pirates pact,
And his honor bade him go,
A soldier of fortune was his lot
True love he could not know.

The Lady Rose thought him kind
And loved him with her heart,
And head, and life, and soul it’s said
But denounced his pirate’s art.

So, he sailed the seas, but ne'er forgot,
Her standing there in sweet repose,
He bade her wait 'til he returned,

Twas none so fair as Morgan's Rose

Thank you for indulging my fancy on my special day!!!

God Bless Us Everyone, Theresa

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Char said...

Happy Birthday!!!! You are right, this pattern is just gorgeous, thankyou for the heads up, Char

Attic Clutter said...

Oh That was wonderful Teresa(:) Poetry is so fun~
I indulge in it a little too..
The Muse is a great inspiration isn't she..
Love the beautiful China too.. (:)
glad you popped in fellow ADDER...LOL
hugs, Patty-- ..oH my
''word verification'' below says cuplac--appropriate huh??

The Muse said...

Kudos and Bravo !!!!

Well done, most assuredly...

***happiest and most blessed of birthdays!***

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Theresa, I have to tell you what happened to me the other day on my birthday. But first a big Happy Birthday to you!! I first spotted the berry basket on your website. I had never seen or heard of one until I saw it here. A couple of weeks ago I was in one of my favorite antique shops and saw he had just gotten some new pieces in and one was a berry basket with the side creamer and sugar dish. I checked his asking price but I didn't buy it that day. I went home and did some research and discovered the one he had normally sells for about $250.00 and he was asking far, far, far less than that. I don't think he realized what he had. The day of my birthday I went back to his shop and bought it as a present to myself. I was so excited. When I got home I had a ton of packages to carry in the house. As I was entering the front door I hit one of the packages on the edge of the doorway. "Oh No", I thought, hoping it wasn't the bag of china. Got to the kitchen, opened the bag and sure enough I had broken the berry basket. I was heartsick!! I did a repair job on it and I will use the basket most likely at Easter but I still could almost cry thinking about it. Again, sweet Theresa, Happy happy birthday! xo Lynn P.S. Loved your poem and the rose china.

The Muse said...

An archeologist? That's awesome!!!!
Oooo, do you like the Indiana Jones movies? :)

SueLovesCherries said...

I can't believe you wrote that, it's beautiful! (Is it true?) Beautiful china, too!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Happy Birthday a LITTLE LATE! Just wanted to visit and say hello and tell you I LOVE your BLOG.

Thanks for sharing the beauty with us all...


Unknown said...

Hello Theresa, I thought I would stop and visit a while and read your poem. I think you are so creative! I don't have that much talent. I love the china! I am like you, I adore fine china and try to collect it when I can. I must visit your site soon. I have been selling pretty okay, so I may be able to indulge pretty soon! Belated Happy Birthday to you!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Theresa, The berry basket was a white basket weave design by Tiffany. Replacements has it for $179.00 but I will just keep what I have, use it for Strawberries and Cream at Breakfast at Wimbledon and on my Easter dinner table, with the break and all. I will be sure to tell my kids not to sell it at a yardsale someday even if it does have a crack in it. :)

The Other Side of Me said...

Bravo!! Your poem was wonderful!

What beautiful china. I love the shape of the handles and the plates.
Happy Birthday and God Bless.

Wanda said...

The China is beautiful,I have never seen that pattern before. The poem was delightful as well. I am a new visitor. Cheers

JDayMinis said...

Wow, what a great poem and pattern. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! Jean

apparentlyjessy said...

I hope you had a nice Birthday! I liked the poem, and the china is very pretty too :)

Becs said...

That is a beautiful set Theresa! Thanks for letting me know about the care facility. It makes me feel som much better. And it was a God miracle that she even got into that one. He orchastrated the whole thing! Happy late birthday! Becs

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

The Muse said...

I am so beyond late...but..I offer still best wishes!! :)

LOVE the poetry you left me! :)And love all that you do now...
When are hearts and souls skip in time..that is when we have fun and rhyme! LOL