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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roses are Red, Violets are Purple, Pancakes are Better, If You use Maple Syrple

I guess you could say I'm not a cherub and frou frou sort of girl (although there is that one place in my heart, lol). I am more of a "Blondie and Dagwood", or "Lucy and Desi" kind of girl. I go for the one-liners, the pratfalls, the hold-your-sides-from-laughing-so-hard kind of Valentines. Now, I will confess that anything innocent and cutesy also takes my fancy. Then again, Lucy was always involved in innocent destruction and Blondie takes cutesy to a level heretofore unknown to man. Sex may sell (as the advertisers say), but I prefer a time when your mortality wasn't based on your morality (if you get my drift). I've really wandered far afield, when all I really wanted to say was:

Every purchase from Cottage Violets between now and January 31st will include a free Valentine (and they are CUTE).
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?(Ha ha!)
My dad said "Be an actor, my son
But be a comical one
They'll be standing in lines
For those old honky tonk monkeyshines"
Now you could study Shakespeare and be quite elite
And you can charm the critics and have nothin' to eat
Just slip on a banana peel The world's at your feet
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em...Make 'em laugh
Don't you know everyone wants to laugh
My grandpa said go out and tell 'em a joke
But give it plenty of hoke
Make 'em roar Make 'em scream
Take a fall Butt a wall Split a seam
You start off by pretending
You're a dancer with grace
You wiggle 'till they're Giggling all over the place
And then you get a great big custard pie in the face
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Don't you know... all the...wants..?
My dad...They'll be standing in lines
For those old honky tonk monkeyshines
Make 'em laugh
Make 'em laugh
Don't you know everyone wants to laugh?
Make 'em laugh Make 'em laugh Make 'em laugh!
(from Singin' in the Rain, lyrics by Arthur Freed)


Unknown said...

Dear sweet Theresa,

I know this is going to sound like a fib,but I am not kidding when I tell you that I thought of you on Monday when I was adding my Show and Tell. So what a wonderful surprise when I woke up today and saw that you left a comment. I had a smile from ear to ear. I miss you too!! How are you? I hope you are doing well and starting the new year with all good things. Hard to believe it's mid January already. I just love your Valentine Poem. You always had a way with words. You should publish a book. And you always thinking of others. That's what I loved about you Theresa. So glad you liked my flip flop. It's girly Anyway let's keep in touch more often. You are always welcome.
Have a beautiful and happy day! I will definitely be back again.

Janet's Creative Pillows

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Maple Syrple??! LOL....You are so cute! Your pinwheels are adorable. Great minds think a like. I have so many ideas for future projects running around in my head that it hurts. I just need about 48 hours in a day. Happy Thursday.

Unknown said...

Hey Teresa, great to hear from you. Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's day to you! Happy blogging.


Susan - InHerOwnWords said...

Hi Theresa, Well it must be MMP Day! I was just looking around Shabby Lane and came across your site. I have to agree with Janet, you have a way with words. I think we've talked about that! *smiles*

Just dropping in to say Hi and let you know you were on my mind. Hope all is well! Have a great 2009!


The Muse said...

I like your blog :) !

Char said...

Hi Theresa, I am off to add your blog to my favs, thankyou for your message, Char

The Muse said...

popping in to say Howdy! :)