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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

For Love of Linens

I am in the midst of a linen bombshell. A whole trunk of linens exploded all over the  living room floor. Well, to be honest it looks like they exploded, but I put them there, yes, I did it.

What was I thinking? I knew this was going to be a huge task. A big wooden trunk of linens left over from the 1980's antique store called Manya's. My mom and I had a room there called , Marie Therese'.

Do you remember the 80's? Everything collectible for your hearth and home was selling like wildfire. The internet was in it's toddler years, so everyone travelled to the antique shops and sidewalk sales. H Street had a big following from L.A. and all points west.

We couldn't keep linens on hand, so I searched high and low, and gathered a great huge  amount. Sadly, we had to give up our room and I put the linens in a wooden trunk. I'd earn the trunk painting crafts for my sister-in-laws craft fair business (craft fairs were big then too).

So here I am, washing, and soon to be ironing. Then the picture taking and listing begin.

Tally Ho, onward and upward! Cottage Violet's will soon have linens added to the linen category as well as the crocheted dish cloths and potholders.

Having lovely time, wish you were (to help), Theresa

P.S. I use the term "linens" loosely as most of these linens are cotton.......

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Carolee Crafts said...

Ooh I love vintage linens and am sure you are in your element sorting through all the treasures. Hope to see some more pic's soon, take care and have a good week x