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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lovely Autumn: Time for a Sale

Autumn doesn't last long here in the desert valley. The raging heat turns to chilling cold in a nanosecond. The trees who dare to turn their leaves from green to red to gold are often confused. After they make up their minds to give us a glorious flaming show, the santa ana winds come to blow them all about. They land in obscure piles around cars and trash cans. Much to my dismay they often land in the pool along with the thorny spikes from the redwood trees. This is why we often take our decorating indoors. Cornucopias don't jump off the table and whirl themselves about. Charming autumn teacups stay in their saucers and provide us with a much needed "drap of tea" (scottich ancestry, lol).

In honor of this short lived season, Cottage Violets is having a SALE. What a sale it is! From now until Thanksgiving you will receive 30% off your purchase (not including shipping). All you have to do is type "autumn" into the discount code. Gabby and Miss Violet Teacake will be there to package and ship your purchases. Miss Violet Teacake always likes to add a treat or two so make sure you don't miss out.

Miss Violet Teacake, H. Harriett Hatrack, and Gabby will be adding many products during the next two weeks. Be sure to come back often and see what's new.

So settle in with your blankie and laptop. Do some window(s) shopping and make sure you type "autumn" in the discount box for 30% off your purchase.

Here's a little peak at an autumn Hammersley fine bone china cup and saucer.

"No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace,

As I have seen in one Autumnal face."

John Donne

Beautiful Autumn Blessings,


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The Muse said...

i re read your lovely autumn dream...i am a big fan of your pen, of your ability to spawn emotion...

you are most treasured ~ my sweet friend...most treasured indeed :)