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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Band Of Angels

Picture a group of giggling girls in light blue skirts and white blouses. There is the requisite amount of skinned knees and ponytails. Red hair, blond hair, brunettes, and even one little cherub with almost ebony tresses made up the little group. Some are tall, some thin, some a little on the chubby side, some short, but a perfect band of angels nonetheless. Such was my little Missionettes group. I loved them and love them dearly still. They were all unique, showing such promise, and most of them not at the age when a Wednesday night church group was de'classe (excuse the poor punctuation marks, lol). We sang, we crafted, we talked, we prayed, we went to camp, we lived in each others lives on Wednesday nights and Sundays. I had them such a small amount of time. They filled a place in my heart that yearned for children, but more than that they were souls that God wanted to touch. I hope I fulfilled my edict from God to make an impression on their life's journey.

I know they touched me much more than I could ever touch them. Some were so brimming with life, it bubbled out of their pores. Others I am sorry to say were already world weary, which made me suspect dark secrets and home lives that were unthinkable and unspeakable. Love can have the power to crush, and it almost crushed me. I remember praying one time and feeling as if God was saying, "I didn't give those children to you, they belong to their parents, do the best you can with the time you have with them and leave the rest in my care. " I always remembered that, and tried to fill our times together with a path of fun and merriment, along with a sense of duty to others and definitely a path that led straight to the saving grace of God.

I have lost touch with many of the girls. One, I am sad to say, took her own life, oh so many years ago. It is still a dagger in my heart, a wound that won't heal. The past and pain she suffered with, all her young life, are no more. One prays for the best.

This is not meant to be a sad post, perhaps a little introspective. Okay, you caught me, a lot introspective.

I only said all that to say, sometime I see these girls as full grown ladies. They remember me which always surprises me, since our time together was limited at best. They introduce their children to me (some of whom are full grown now). I forget I was only 21 when I started the group and most of them were 10 - 13. Roughly ten years separated us, but the weight of responsibility rested on me, and it seemed more like 20-30 years in age difference.

Along comes facebook, and lo and behold, first one then another has friended me (much to my delight). So far six beautiful Christian ladies, former Missionettes, are on my friends list, and I am blessed that it is so. They are never far from my heart and mind. The last one found me just two days ago. She was the spunkiest little redhead with freckles. Smart and witty, always helpful and kind, I think of her as Pippi Longstocking, but with the added attraction of our Savior in her life.

I know we can not and should not live in the past. However, these girls, now ladies, are chiseled on the walls of my heart. Each unique, each talented, each loved unconditionally by God. I would love to hear your story if you care to leave a comment. I know you have touched lives too!

Thanks for taking time to listen to my heart today!

Blessings and blessings,



The Muse said...

I just read your post...oh how glorious that the render tether of so long ago has been found to still be tied. yes, when we touch a child's life...we have touched a piece of God. I am happy for you dearest Theresa :)

Karin said...

Hi Theresa....Thanks you so much for you wonderful comment and well wishes. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Karin