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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Patterns of Our Life

"Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made. "
Robert Browning

I had an epiphany! Fine bone china resembles our love lives. So many patterns, and colors to entice the eye. When new, china is shiny and sparkly awaiting a journey to its first home. Lovingly wrapped it arrives, and we are instructed to "Handle With Care". We are in awe of its numerous shapes and sizes. We lovingly place it within view so that we may keep our eye on it. Sometimes we  lose interest, and the china languishes in the dust. As in any good relationship there are mishaps and miscalls. So it is with china, a little rim chip, a hairline fracture  or two.  Some lives are harder, others are easier.  You will find china that has been meticulously cared for, set on a shelf, wrapped in cotton so to speak. Then there is everyday china, slight scars on its surface from daily use. Character marks that may devalue its worth in the world's eye, but not so with the one who lovingly handles it without regard to the use marks on its surface. I have vowed that I will treat my relationship with my husband as we grow older just like I treat my fine bone china. I will remember that his heart is fragile no matter what the exterior looks like. I wil not discard him if he has "character marks" or wrinkles in his packaging (lol). I will lightly tap his soul and listen to the beautiful ringing sound that tells of his worth to our Saviour. I still love his pattern after 39 years, and will "grow old along with he, for the best is yet to be".
Following you will find several patterns from Miss Violet's Tea Cupboard at "Cottage Violets". If you haven't traveled the violet strewn lane of Harrington Woods lately, click on over to Cottage Violets and find a pattern for your life.

For age is opportunity no less
Than youth itself, though in another dress,
And as the evening twilight fades away
The sky is filled with stars invisible by day
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

So if you think your best days are behind you, look up and see the stars!'

Blessings, Theresa

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Unknown said...

Hi there Theresa!

How are you?? Just wanted to say hello. Hope you are doing great and enjoying summertime. Time sure flies doesn't it? Next thing you know Fall. Anyway enjoy your week and take care. Come on over for a visit when you can.
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