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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Touching Garden

Royal Albert's American Beauty
Have you ever thought how much fine bone china can resemble a garden? First, there is spring, with a lush vista of flower patterns, ivy in the shade, roses in the sun, peonies, iris, and all the colors of the rainbow. Then there is summer, with its bold sunflowers, fruit or vegetable patterns,  and all the bright cheery designs that thrive on sunshine. When autumn shows up the wonderful world of color turns to oranges, deep reds, forest greens to match the changing of the seasons. And last but not least Winter where white reigns supreme, and all the Christmas patterns take center stage.
I think I express myself through the china patterns I choose. I would be hard put to choose one season over another. In spring I favor Royal Albert's American Beauty, Colclough English Ivy Leaf, and Hammersley Victorian Violets. The summer is my time to enjoy Hammersley Cornflower, Royal Albert Tea Rose, and Hammersley Thistle. Autumn brings a new feel with Hammersley Morgan's Rose, Royal Alberts Old Country Roses, and Hammersley Fruits and Nuts. What would the Christmas season be without Hammersley Grandmothers Rose, and again Royal Alberts Old Country Roses because Old Country Roses offers so many Christmas variations.
 English fine bone china is never far from my heart or hands. Simply put, I love English china.I love the cool touch, the smooth feel. Here are some photos of patterns I favor. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. My little shop, Cottage Violets is always open for your viewing pleasure. Please stop by and browse to your hearts content.
Colclough's English Ivy Leaf
Hammersley Victorian Violets
A selection of Hammersley Cornflower
Royal Albert Tea Rose
Hammersley Thistle
"Touch has a memory"
John Keats

In parting, here is a little quote from me
Only when I behold our Lord will I see something more beautiful than English china
Theresa Winter

Blessings, Theresa

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