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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Strawberry Baskets - Wimbledon Tradition

We love Hammersley china here at Cottage Violet's. The beautiful patterns and lovely shapes are some of the finest of traditions from England's china heyday.

Wimbledon is also an English tradition. The lovely grass courts and royal spectators make this one of the finest tennis events every year.

Besides having jolly old England in common, tennis and Hammersley china share another connection. Strawberry baskets! That's right, Strawberry baskets.

Visitors and spectators at Wimbledon eat literally tons of strawberries and cream each year. Now, they are served in punnets (little baskets). But in days gone by when there was a piece of china for every eating event, Strawberry baskets were all the rage..

Strawberry baskets usually consisted of three pieces. A lovely handled basket with a removable creamer on one side, and a removable sugar bowl on the other side. They sported the loveliest patterns of the day.

A Hammersley Morgan's Rose pattern Strawberry Basket
There would also be china tennis set's in the same pattern. A tennis set was an eight inch salad plate with a lipped rim to hold a matching teacup. Of course, what would an English event be without a spot of tea.
Hammersley Chrysanthemum Pattern available at Cottage Violets
So in honor of Wimbledon, Cottage Violet's says "All Hail to the Queen", and let the serving begin.
Blessings, Theresa

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