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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Blast From The Past - Beach Party Tonight

Wow, it's Pink Friday! Get your surfboard waxed, yourself relaxed, and head out to a Beach Party Tonight. There will be gals and pals, boutiques and chics, and you're invited, so get EXCITED!! Today I have a special beach surprise from Inka at Inkling Designs. It's ketchy, it's kitschy, and oh so Beachy...... Guaranteed to be fun in the sun, so whip out your card, pard, and let's go Beach Combing with Inka.

Surf's Up, and the gang's all here. In between the frug, the pony, and the watusi, swim on over to Inkling Designs and dig the Flamingo Cards. Our pretty pink Flamingo Hotties are strutting their stuff on beachy notecards. In between takes, and sunbathing, drive-in to Inka's and pick a lovely pink Flamingo stepping stone to beach up your pad. It is sure to be a hit with your tiki torches and sandy paths. Click on any items photo to take you to Inkling Designs, surfing made easy...

Hey, this fun's not done. Pick up a basket filled with beach treasures to put that sparkle in your favorite wahini's eye. Or how about a Surfing Safari treasure hunt with this beachy basket full of treasure as the prize. Inka's lives in Florida, so she's in the know and up-to-date on your favorite beach treasures.

This Mermaid is a Beach Cottage Must Have........Don't be late Eric Von Zipper has a crush on this little cutie, and you need to hurry before his gang shows up. Isn't she just made for your seaside retreat, with the seashell trim and beach cottage colors? And for you dyed-in-the-wool Pink Loving Beach Babes, Inka has pretty pink baskets, filled with shells and covered in netting to set on your shabby chic coffee tables. What an accent for your cool, enchanting beach cottage furnishings. Don't miss out! Inkling Designs is just a click away for the best beach experience.

And as the evening winds down, after Annette's Beach Party, explore Inka's sight for vintage treasures and shabby chic pleasures. After all, Inkling Designs is much more than just a day at the beach.
P.S. These Beach Party photos are used purely for fun and nostalgia, so don't go saying Annette endorses this or that, okay????? And never, ever, blame it on the Bossa Nova.
Later dudettes, Theresa


Carolyn Kocman said...

i am ready to shop!!!! inka is amazing, isn't she??? oh...and theresa, i am going to hire you to write my copy! lol

the odd sparrow

Inka Smith said...

OMG Theresa,

You are too much!!! That is so cute. I'm glad you got your game back on....mine is starting to fade some. Just tired I guess.

Thanks for the promo friend. It is wonderful.

Have fun at the beach today.


Susan - InHerOwnWords said...

Theresa, This is so much fun! Thanks for the memories!

Cathy said...

Hi Theresa,

Love those baskets, especially the pink one! So pretty.

xo Cathy

Brown Bee Studio said...

LMBO @ "don't blame it on the Bossa Nova"! ;0] You are just the bee's knees my hip happenin' friend! xoxo

Deb said...

Hi Theresa.....nice of you to promote Inka's.....her items are so cute! Annette and Beach Blanket those were the days!!!

Pink hugs,

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Theresa, You sure do know how to have fun. Surf back over to theVintageNest. Mama Bird added something very special to her beach party. ;)

Patricia said...

You are just too cute, Theresa. This was so much fun! Inka is quite the talented lady.


Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Theresa - Wow! What a blast from the past! I have a pink flamingo hand lotion decanter somewhere and now I just HAVE to find it and set it out. You made me feel like I went to the beach but the best part is no sand in my undies!

Susie said...

Theresa, I have my itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini so I'll be at the beach with Frankie and Annette. See you there?
Susie ~ The Polka Dot Rose

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Fun beach party!