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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hurry to The Secret Garden Before the Secrets Out

Do you remember the story of "The Secret Garden". Do you remember the motion picture version starring Margaret O'Brien and Dean Stockwell? The whole film was in black and white, until you entered the splendor of the garden. Then the scene burst into vibrant technicolor. That is what happened to me as I was looking for items I loved for Pink Friday's Garden Path. When I saw this "Pretty Porch Pouch" by Dianne of Mama's Pocketbook, everything else faded to black and white. There is nothing I would rather have than this Pretty Porch Pouch hanging on a chair, over a fence, sitting on a bench, or anywhere in my garden as long as it is within my sight. I was thinking what a great Garden Party gift. Use the pouch as the centerpiece, then give it away at the end of the party much to the delight of the one who receives it. But I must caution you, if you think giving it away would be easy, I would beg to differ with you, lol. Just click on any of the highlighted areas or the purse itself and go straight to Mama's Pocketbook, where Dianne is waiting with a garden of earthly delights. Thank you Dianne, your work is always inspiring me.
Cottage Violet's has a few little items to share for Pink Friday - The Garden Path, too. I will picture one here and the rest are to be seen at Cottage Violets. Also, I have been working on a whole new line of tags using Fairy Tale Buttons from Cindy at Angel Heart Designs. I hope you will check back for their premiere. I do not think they will disappoint, lol. This little photo will serve as an entrance to the rest of my story, which is a little information about the author of the Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett. Please visit often.

Frances Hodgson Burnett emigrated to Knoxville, Tennessee from Manchester, England in 1865. She had lived in the slums of a then Victorian England (due to the early demise of her father), and emigrated to America to find a better life at the request of an uncle (living in Tennesse at the time). When Frances was 18, her mother died leaving Frances with four siblings to support. That is when Frances started writing. She wrote serials for the leading ladies magazines of the day, Godey's Ladies Book and Harper's Bazaar are two of those magazines. She married a doctor from Washington DC and you would think this is where she lives happily ever after. Oops, not to be. After 25 years of marriage, she divorced her husband, and married her business manager. The second marriage lasted only 2 years. During the 1890's she spent most of her time in England, but came back to America in 1909 after becoming an American citizen.
She was quirky and tempermental. She attended in person the Golden Jubilee celebrating 50 years of Queen Victoria's reign. Although her books were celebrated and famously popular, Frances was often talked about and scandalized in the press.
Her three most famous books are: The Secret Garden, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and A Little Princess. All three books found great success, and later found renewed acclaim as they were made into hit movies. The Secret Garden starred Margaret O'Brien and Dean Stockwell, Little Lord Fauntleroy starred Freddie Bartholomew and Mickey Rooney, A Little Princess starred Shirley Temple and Arthur Treacher. Frances Hodgson Burnett died in 1924 at the age of 74 in New York City. Her books are famous, but she is one of the least celebrated authors to have such great classics to her name. The pictures below are of Frances Hodgson Burnett on the left, and the 1911 cover version of The Secret Garden on the right. I hope you will consider reading these classics. They are well worth the time. Regards, Theresa


Dianne Long said...

Wow Theresa! Thank you so much, you have really made my day! You are such a gifted writer! The pictures you paint with words are as brilliant as the most colorful secret garden. You are so sweet to highlight my Porch Pouches today, and to feature another Pink Sister's work every week! Very inspiring!! BIG PINK HUGGS TO YOU!

Silena said...

Hi Theresa,
Beautiful post!! As a history buff, I love to hear stories of the past, especially stories about women authors. I remember hearing some of these stories, but it is wonderful hearing them again, especially in lovely prose....and Hurrah for Dianne....well deserved praise!!

Susie said...

Hi Theresa! You are a gem. I loved your write up on Dianne's magnificent Porch Pouches. It is difficult to select patterns when you see what she offers. I love The Secret Garden. Thanks for such a nice Garden Path post.
The Polka Dot Rose

Inka Smith said...

I love Dianne's Porch Pouches! She is so creative and does such great work.
Thanks for sharing a lesson on the classics too. I loved the movie Seceret Garden.

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

I loved reading The Secret Garden as a girl and thanks for telling a little about the author. I do so appreciate the story of a strong woman!

Dianne's Porch Pouches are AWESOME! Thanks for showcasing them for us!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

I just loved your write-up of Dianne's Porch Pouches. What a great idea for these fabulous finds--doing double duty as centerpiece and door-prize!

But, what I enjoyed most was the history lesson on the author of some of my favorite books. I did not know her background... Thanks for bringing these classics to mind again. What a perfect time to bring one out and read again--a lazy day in my backyard!
Pink hugs, Karen