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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Showin' Tellin' and Jingle Bellin'

That song from the 50's just won't let me alone today. It's called "At the Hop" . Danny and the Juniors sang it. Do you recall?

Let's go to the hop
Let's go to the hop (oh baby)
Let's go to the hop (oh baby)
Let's go to the hop

"To the MMP Christmas in July Hop"

It all started Saturday. Miss Sweetpea Pittypat came on over from her Emporium with a load of goodies for Christmas in July at Make Mine Pink. Now, we all agree Miss Sweetpea is the sweetest bunny ever to live in Harrington Woods. And she has outdone herself. So sit back and enjoy the pictures of some of her dreamy creations. By the way, I think Chunky Bunny and Miss Sweetpea would make a great match. Alas, she is not willing to leave Harrington Woods even for a day, even to meet Hunky Chunky.....Oops, back to subject, and here we go to the pre-Hop Hop.

And last but not least, there is that old Andy Williams Christmas Classic;

The Holiday Season
It's the holiday season
With whoop-de-doo and Dickory dock,
And don't forget to hang up your sock,
Cause at just exactly 12 o'clock,
He'll be coming down the chimney down,
He'll be coming down the chimney down,
Coming down the chimney down.


Anonymous said...


I love all your CinJ offerings, they are gorgeous.


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...


Those are very pretty christmas ornaments!!

Pei Li

Carolyn Kocman said...

merry Christmas, creative lady! you just reminded me...i used to make those angels many years ago! love 'em.

Carolee Crafts said...

Hi Theresa

Me thinks I am some what behind all at MMP will have to start planning some Christmas treats

Janet L Christian said...

I love those little angels

Anonymous said...

Now I am going to have that "Let's go to the hop" in my head all morning! LOL!
Susan *dutchrose*

Silena said...

Oh, what lovely items you have to offer, Theresa....but, of course, your best gift is putting us all in a Christmas spirit with your wonderful flights of fancy!! You are such an fun entertainer!!

gail said...

Theresa, I love your posts girl... I hope you have a side job writing! You have some much imagination. I love your Christmas goodies. I hope you do great. Happy day,,(())gail

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Sounds like everyone is having a great the hop !


Patricia said...

Very nice ornaments. Don't you love all the Christmas music?


Inka Smith said...

Hi Theresa,
You have been a busy lady! I am glad you are finding the time to be creative and what a wonderful job you are doing too! Love them.

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Theresa, your songs are getting me in to mood for the holidays . . I can smell the Christmas cookies now. Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked. Your ornaments are so beautiful! I love the cards too, so cheerful! I always love all your work, you are very talented.

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Wow, Theresa! You have been so busy! Everything looks very Christmasy! ;)

Pink hugs, Karen

Susie said...

Hi Theresa! You really get me singing away! Very nice show and tell you displayed for us today.
The Polka Dot Rose

Unknown said...

Hi Theresa!

Christmas is so much fun! Love all the pretty things you have! Those angels are truly precious. And I do know that song! lol You are so cute. Love your sense of humor and you are also very good with poems!
Loved your Show and Tell. See you next Monday! Can't wait ;-)
Janet's Creative Pillows

Susan - InHerOwnWords said...

Hi Theresa, don't you just LOVE Christmas!! Thanks for sharing all your lovely holiday items! This is so fun!!!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hey my girlfriend,
Too bad Miss Sweetpea cannot venture out to visit with Chunky Bunny. Of course Princess Chloe might get a tad jealous if Sweetpea were to try and snag her honeybun. :)

Great CinJ goodies. Love them.

Angel Heart Designs said...

Very very what you do!
Hugs..Cindy (()) :)

Donna Lynn said...

Dear Theresa,
It was wonderful to have you post first on my brand new and improved blog! :) Thank you so very much for your precious comments, they mean the world to me, I too feel like that about you! Bless you so much and hope you have been having a wonderful summer so far!!!
Donna Lynn

Brown Bee Studio said...

Well, you can rock it you can roll it
You can stop it you can stroll it
At the hop (hop hop hoooop)....
LOL Yes'm I remember that song like I was a kid when it was on the charts! ;0] You ALWAYS makes me smile.....xoxo

Roxie Morrow said...

Look at all this Holiday goodness. Love the blog post title, it had me laughin' out loud.

Anonymous said...

What lovely Christmas in July offerings! It's always such a delight to see what you're creating.
Huggs, MB

Eileen & Karen said...

Theresa, Your so creative...all your cute little poems and such! Who else but you would be so clever!
Forget Me Not Dreams