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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Rose Speaks of Love Silently, In a Language Known Only to the Heart

Oh goodness, it's Show and Tell Monday already!! Well, I have a lovely subject today, and guess what, it involves English China. You are not surprised, right? There is a beautiful Hammersley pattern name Grandmother's Rose. I am pairing up several pieces with famous rose quotes. So sit back and read the quotes, enjoy the china, and dream to your hearts content. I think there is a kinder gentler world in all of our minds. A place we escape to, and long to live in. On this memorial day I would like you to think of all the roses that have gone before, and as you look at the roses, remember, with love and respect, those who have served and are serving, our great nation . Men and women of the military, this ones for you..........
But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.
Anne Bronte
The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.
George William Curtis
God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.
James Matthew Barrie
Yet, O thou beautiful rose! Queen rose so fair and sweet.
What were lover or crown to thee, without the clay at thy feet?
Julia C R Dorr
Note: This is dedicated to Cindy the Clay Queen of Angel Heart Designs. She is an artist extraordinaire, and person sublime. From clay she fashions beautiful roses. Please, take a look.
But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
And since I always find that life is fraught with humor here is one last quote to touch the funny bone, and hopefully, leave you laughing..............................
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I'm schizophrenic,
And so am I.
Oscar Levant


Anonymous said...

Beautiful~ I can very much relate to the very last quote!

Susie said...

Theresa, you always leave me laughing! Very nice tribute to the rose. You have such a wonderful way to express your beauties.
Susie @ The Polka Dot Rose

Janet L Christian said...

I love all those rose dishes and sugar and creamers. Looks like you have found some of the best.

Inka Smith said...

You have the prettest things. Where do you ever find them all?? And you way with words is so enlighting to the spirit. Thank you for being you!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Theresa, Beautiful china, beautiful verse! I adore your sense of style (and sense of humor!

Pink hugs, Karen

gail said...

Hi Theresa,,, the china is beautiful and elegant. I just love roses. YOur post are always so well written. YOu also have a talent for writing! Happy Creating, hugs, gail

Lilli Blue said...

I love Oscar levant. He was a real charcater. My favorite quote is "The only sin in life is to be boring" Quintin Crisp. Another character!
have a fun day. Lilli

Anonymous said...

An English teacher sees bubbles in a bath!
"Roses red and violets blew,
And all the sweetest flowres that in the forrest grew."
- Edmund Spenser

Susan (dutchrose)

Carol at Clutter Bug Studio said...

Hi Theresa, what an enjoyable post - the rose strewn china is beautiful too!

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

So pretty. I love anything with roses. They are so feminine! Great last quote too.

sita said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely stash! I just adore roses, you have real talent with writing as well.

Marie said...

Hi Theresa,
The rose china and the quotes are really beautiful. Except for Oscar's. His is a great ending to a lovely tribute. I actually remember seeing him on tv. I guess that makes me as old as some of your china.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

I just love those English China. I would enjoy sipping my tea from that rose cup! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

Pei Li

Unknown said...

Hi there sweet Theresa!

What beautiful china! I especially love the roses. Looks so elegant. And thank you so much for making me laugh. I love Roses are Red quote..LOL
The comments you left me meant so much Theresa. You always say the nicest things. What a great lady you are. Can't wait to see you again next Monday for Show and Tell.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Deb said...

Hi Theresa.....your china is lovely as always. My favorite is the sugar and creamer in the first picture. :)


Angel Heart Designs said...

Oh! Theresa...I LOVE your beautiful China...and the cute quote...Your so sweet..
Cindy Clay queen xoxo

Eileen & Karen said...

Theresa, Thanks for sharing your passion for roses. I love them too! These one's are truly beautiful!

Cathy said...

Theresa, Love this beautiful set. And you keep our attention so well with your amazingly written stories.


Donna Lynn said...

Hello Theresa!
I love this rose pattern, I have the same teacup, but have never seen any of the other things you have in the same pattern! Beautiful, thanks for sharing your lovely things!

Hope your week is going well!

Roxie Morrow said...

Love love love that pattern!
Funniest quote ever, I laughed out loud even.