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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Salute to May Flowers: MMP Shop Hop for Mum's Day

Now don't jump right to the pictures until I explain. I live in a desert climate where fall, spring, and winter are short seasons. We usually jump right into summer from any angle. So I thought I would present my favorite May flowers in another way.
Have you ever heard of the language of flowers? In Victorian times it was a way to state your case with flowers. Many an aspiring beau used flowers to let their beloved know exactly where they stood,(or wanted to stand). A trifling bouquet could keep a flagging relationship off the rocky shoals of separation. Many a girlish tiff with one's best forever friend was patched and mended with a fragrant tussie-mussie. I hope we can bring this endearing practice back. We have natural flowers, silk flowers, paper flowers, and on and on.
Today I choose to use flowers that never need watering (well an occasional wash, lol). Or a little humidiy in the china cabinet once in a while. You are way ahead of me aren't you. China, ooooh my favorite, and the amazing flowers that adorn our favorite accessories.

Let's start with (hmmmm) Violet's

Violets mean "faithful"

This is a Hammersley fine china pomander with lovely Victorian violets.

How about the Blue Cornflower

The Blue Cornflower stands for "Hope in Love'

Be still my beating heart, isn't that too sweet!
This is a Hammersley Blue Cornflower Trinket Egg. Lovely for little keepsakes.

Then there is the Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose stands for "Friendship"

This is Royal Albert Tea Rose pattern. This pattern is so cheerful. It is just right for a fun, lasting friendship

How about beautiful delicate ivy.
Ivy stands for "Fidelity"
We don't hear much about fidelity anymore. But I think it is a word just waiting to be revived, remembered and revisited.

I love this Pink Rose

Pink Rose stands for "Grace"

This is Royal Albert's American Beauty pattern. Isn't is lovely? I think God had a hand in this pattern, because He has definitely cornered the market on grace.......

Simply breathtaking are the Yellow, Coral, and Pink Roses.
This pattern is Hammersley's Morgan's Rose.It always makes me think of the pirate's of old and how we've romanticized them. Henry Morgan was the King of Pirate's. He was cruel and a true leader. But I wonder about his tender side. I think of him when I see this pattern, because I am a romantic goose.

Here's a little diddy I made up for this pattern:

He sailed the seas, but ne'er forgot,

Her standing there in sweet repose,
He bade her wait 'til he returned,

Twas none so fair as Morgan's Rose.

And last, but not least, here is a whimsical, and oh so fun teapot of the garden variety, it's pedigree in doubt, lol. But you will notice a big Red Raspberry on it.

Raspberry stands for forgiveness.
So, as a fitting end to this post, I am asking your forgiveness in having to have read this long,long post on a subject I have great passion for. I hope the read was worth the time. Please, don't forget to tell your friends about all the fun at Make Mine Pink

Regards, Theresa


Anonymous said...

Theresa, I loved every word and picture. Very nice for Mother's Day tribute.
Your biggest fan,
Susie @ The Polka Dot Rose
Your Southern Lady Friend

Anonymous said...

I would love to learn the language odf flowers~ how nice that we know what our favorite china pieces mean now.~S

Cathy said...

I adore the Morgan Rose teapot. Gorgeous.


Brown Bee Studio said...

Your post is lovely as always Theresa! [0=
P.S. Your little pin keep is on it's way home....xoxo

Donna Lynn said...

Oh Theresa, This was a lovely post! I needed the flowers this AM, as we are having rain and grey skies! Of course my fav is the one with the big pink roses! Wow, that is a beauty...if I find one with violets on it, would you wanna trade?? :)
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend where you are, I bet it is a lot warmer then here...51' today!
Big hugs,
Donna Lynn

SueB said...

Theresa thank you so much for your kind comment about my china mosaic website and blog (myshabbymosaiccottage)
I hope you come back to visit often.

Your china is just lovely and your tribute is very sweet.

I just love to see cherished items go on.

I envy your weather. I'm in NH where there is still snow in the woods. My dearest friend Mr Flannery is in Mn and he calls his summer 2 weeks of tough sledding. I get at least 4 weeks lol.

I think we lost out on Global Warming. Of course in Augut I'll be complaining about the heat.


Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Theresa....Oh laalaa What pretty treasures. I love every peice. Wanted to stop by and say hello. Have a beautiful day!
Pink Hugs,

joyh82 said...

Wow it is nice to know what the meaning is behind all the flowers. Very pretty teacups!