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Friday, May 30, 2008

Springtime in Paris- Ahhhh, the Market Rue Cler

Make Mine Pink is starting an exclusive event called Pink Friday. It is a once a week themed shopping event, and you are invited. Today's event is SPRINGTIME IN PARIS. One of the loveable bunnies who helped take over my website is one Duchess Delphinium Hammersley. Well, she thinks she knows everything about Paris. Let's just say, sometimes we doubt her veracity, lol. So we pretended she went on a shopping trip in the spring, to Paris, and returned with the lovely treasures you are about to behold. Being a proper lady, the Duchess would never travel without a matching hat and purse, together with her ever present gloves. So travel on over to Cottage Violet's and see what the Duchess picked for her Springtime in Paris adventure.

And don't forget to see coordinating items at Little Pink Boutiques like the Shabby in Pink boutique (click above) and Janet's Creative Pillows (click below). Everywhere you look today there will be a French flavor in the air. Ooh la la, and enjoy your journey to the City of Light (La Ville-Lumiere)

And for a good time this weekend rent "An American in Paris" with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron.
P.S. Oscar Levant from my last post is also in this movie as Gene Kelly's piano playing friend. Isn't it funny how everything ties in. Real life is like the Kevin Bacon game, lol.
Au revoir mes amis, Theresa


Unknown said...

What a sweetie you are Theresa. Thank you for featuring my pillow on your blog. Love your Paris display. You have such good taste! I know it's 2am where you are so get some sleep and talk to you tomorrow. xoxo Thanks again.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Donna Lynn said...

I love your Paris theme, and Janet's pillows are gorgeous, I love her blog too! Thanks for sharing all your pretty things.

Donna Lynn