Cottage Violets

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Little Crochet With Your Tea

Sometimes Monday is just the perfect day to put the kettle on, and get out your favorite teapot.

Get out a pretty little trivet to set the teapot on. I hand crochet ours at Cottage Violet's.

Choose your loveliest teacup. This Hammersley Clover Trio ranks high on my list. Remember you are treating yourself.

You must have a coaster to set your teacup on. I love little crocheted heart coasters. They make me very happy.

Now get out your knitting or crochet bag and settle in for a day of pure enjoyment.

 A cup of tea, a ball of yarn, a quiet spot, aaaaahhhh,  that's the thing that dreams are made of....

Having lovely time, wish you were, Theresa

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