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Monday, June 23, 2014

Tennis Or Strawberries Anyone?

Hammersley Chrysanthemum Pattern
The excitement begins! Wimbledon, that mother of all tennis tournaments, starts today. The crowds gather, the grass is green, and copious amounts of strawberries and cream will be consumed.

Last year 55,000 pounds of strawberries were eaten. I suppose that means tennis isn't the only sport at Wimbledon. The British aren't so crass as to sponsor strawberry eating contests, but someone is doing a lot of strawberry eating over there.

It was a lot more elegant in the "good old days". The strawberries were served in a strawberry basket complete with sugar and creamer in the side pockets. Lovely dresses, and large luscious hats made a colorful display in that parcel of time.

Hammersley Morgan's Rose Pattern
In an amazing little side note, I looked up Strawberry Festivals in California. I counted seven in California on the first google search page. California is also famous for the crimson treat.

Cottage Violet's has searched high and low for strawberry baskets. We have five Hammersley fine bone china strawberry baskets in stock. These vintage baskets are in excellent vintage condition.

Here's the best part! In honor of Wimbledon they are all on SALE. They are all marked down from $129.00 to $89.00. That's a $40.00 savings. If you are a dealer interested in the whole lot for your shop please contact me for wholesale pricing. The sale lasts thru July 6, 2014, the last day of Wimbledon 2014.

Hammersley Strawberry Ripe Pattern
Here's a link to the official Wimbledon website: . And a little article I wrote on Squidoo: that will explain the strawberry connection in further detail.

Here are two more of those lovely fine china baskets! I can't wait for you to see them.

Hammersley Strawberry Ripe (different from other pattern)

Hammersley's Simple Elegant Creamy Whitw with Gold Trim
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